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Propose a prospective GirlFriend the MBA way : Faculty Taught!

This post is in response to various Executive and Non-executive/Regular MBA programmes , will try to correlate a few things here and there and try to conclude .

Basic Assumptions : Most of the Guys have been to college at one point of life (Hopefully Study or maybe something else 🙂 ) or otherwise know what a college is. So with that basic assumption in place I am sure we know the various days we celebrate there , eg : Valentines Day, Rose Days etc , so these are days as in when these Guys propose or at least plan to propose a girl they want to tap in as a girlfriend. Amongst this set of boys there are a few who are the serious ones, who plan in advance (PITCH Preparation) for what she likes, where she stays, FB profile, favorite stuff, colors, her best friend, all in all her whole day itinerary in short. Some of them also try to network through some common friend who can make the job easy and try to put them on the top of the like. Depending on this some take multiple proposals to get a girlfriend while some the first proposal is enough to make the cut. Not two proposals are the same and not two girls are impressed by the same style. Style and way or proposal changes with the girl.

“So now don’t you think proposing to your girlfriend is somewhat same as pitching for a business plan. Going by the logic I think it’s the same with but obvious certain operational differences. But still the principles remain the same.”

Some of the self-made entrepreneurs preach that the professors in the B-schools even in the premier ones can’t teach pitching. Well has any professor taught you how to propose on a given V or R-Day. Arent students doing it day in and day out without any professional training. Who teaches them to do this ? And why is the expectation of spoon-feeding everything? What happened to inspirations and insights ?

Bottom line is MBA is not a factory to make entrepreneurs and nor do they claim so. As per my understanding MBA is meant to share some business fundas/Gyan and help to make administrators Some build on this and become entrepreneurs and some don’t need this to be one. While entrepreneurs are needed to start companies but they also need manpower to actually run the operations and perform some functions to perform. Wont be difficult is everyone aspires and becomes an entrepreneur. Heart should do the job of the heart and the hand should support it. If the hand tries to become heart or vice-versa then it will be a total mayhem.

I am sure you can’t teach me swimming in deep-sea in some tank or ask Lucky paji to make CCD type coffee. Same way B-Schools can not teach to become an entrepreneur they can only clear the base and help us motivate that too to an extent.

At the end what I recommend is that if you really want to see the real fun of MBA then the format of education needs to be changed by disallowing admissions before 2-3 years of service so that the faculty members can do more justice by imparting theory which the students can gel with the practical knowledge.

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